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Artist. Creator. Magpie.

Lost in time by Gillian Holtem.jpg


I’d love to say that you will instantly recognise one of my works, but that’s not true. I am a real magpie, driven to try new things, push my own creative boundaries, experiment and fail and love every second of it. 


What does connect my work is the processing of emotions, the family archive, connections with my past, an obsession with bright colours to counter my darkest days. I love to experiment with different media from ceramics to metals and always have a camera in my hand to capture inspiration in everyday moments. With a background in journalism and writing, and now an MA in Fine Art, I am continually learning and exploring. Curiosity is in my DNA. 


20th May - 25th September 2022

New Art Gallery, Walsall

The New Art Gallery proudly presents a diverse range of artworks that are representative of and relevant to the broad communities and audiences in and around the West Midlands.

Garden exhibition 2 - May 2021.JPG


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