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In the beginning

A series of life changing losses has been the driving force behind my art and made it mainstream in my life.

I create without fear, without expectation and often intuitively. It started with the rigour, heat and beating of metal to make jewellery, a series of simple process that resulted in a silver brooch and a powerful feeling my life was going to change.

Since then, I have explored many ways to navigate loss and memory through art. Sometimes I feel like in the middle of a constellation of stars, each one a moment, a voice, a smell, a sound, a sensation and when I create, I am gathering stars and binding them to earth, to me and to my story, past, present and future.

I had no plan when I made that brooch, but each time I look at it, it reminds me of one the captain of a starship might wear and reinforces the sense that through my art, I have the power to unlock a universe of possibilities.

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